About Us

We provide timely high-quality dental services in a relaxed comfortable and home-like environment executed with the utmost tenderness, patience, professionalism, and superior care.


To provide timely high quality dental services in a relaxed comfortable and home-like environment executed with the utmost tenderness, patience, professionalism, and superior care.


To eliminate the fear associated with dentistry by providing dental treatment with care, compassion and humility in a relaxing and soothing environment; exceeding patient’s expectations and providing outreach and education to the community.

Tender Dental Services will integrate their Mission and Vision Statements as their minimum standard to be delivered and it will be known as the Tender Dental Experience.

Tender Dental Experience Core Values

Tenderness: The Tender Dental Team will pride themselves on being; gentle, thorough, professional, and patient.

Compassionate Service: Every effort will be made to gain the trust and respect of each patient ensuring that they are totally satisfied with their dental experience. The Tender Dental Experience.

Excellence: The Tender Dental Team will strive for excellence in every aspect of patient care. Prompt honest service will be paramount to the Tender Dental Team.

Patient Education: The fundamental tool in the effective delivery of patient care is education; emphasis will be placed on a patients education and understanding of their treatment plans and options.


Continuing Education: Continuous education of staff and the management team will ensure the continuous improvement in dental plant and the Tender Dental Experience.

The Tender Dental Family

Dr Janel Forde

Dr Janel Forde DMD, Bsc (Hons) graduated from Tuffs University School of Dental Medicine in 2005, is licensed to practice dentistry in Barbados and the State of Maine USA. She has gained local and international practice experience during her 13 years of delivering tender care to her patients.

Janel, as she is preferred to be called, is a loving wife and mother of two who treats all her patients like family. Janel is dedicated to eliminating the fear associated with Dentistry and it is her vision to start Tender Dental Services to be an extension of her continuous efforts to exceed patient expectations and enhance oral health care profiles. In her spare time Janel enjoys yoga and adventures with her family.

Shandi Browne

Shandi has over 15 years of experience as a Dental Assistant and Receptionist. At Tender Dental these two functions have been blended to the position of Patient Care Coordinator, allowing Shandi to do what she loves best – exceeding patients expectation by making them feel welcome and relaxed throughout their entire Tender Dental Experience. 

Shandi is married to Andre’ and is the devoted mother of two children. In her spare time, Shandi enjoys dancing, spending quality time with love ones and traveling.

Heather Maynard

Graduate of the Dental Hygiene School at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff heather has been a dental hygienist for over 25 years. Also trained as a dental nurse at the then Dental Auxiliary school in Kingston Jamaica, she has worked as an auxiliary dental officer for five Years in the Government dental services here in Barbados. Having worked in both public and private sectors Heather is experienced in caring for patients of all ages, medical and dental challenges and various levels of dental phobias.

Heather has been married for twenty-nine years to Roger and they are the proud parents of three daughters and two grandchildren.  She enjoys learning French, crochet and crafting in her spare time.

Heather’s wealth of experience, strong Christian values and shared vision with Dr. Forde makes her an ideal member for the Tender Dental team.

Jennifer Addison

Jennifer experience profile allows her to fit naturally into the role of Tender Dental Patient Care Coordinator. Her over 14 years of experience as a Dental Assistant and Receptionist combine to deliver exceptional Dental care.

Jennifer is adored by her Nieces and Nephew and in her spare time she enjoys socializing and learning new things.

The Tender Dental Home

The Facility

The newly renovated, Professional designed, custom-built home of Tender Dental is critical to allowing the team to focus on the delivery of the Tender Dental Experience.

Instruments and Equipment

The Tender Dental Family has extensively researched and selected equipment and instruments, that are modern, easy to use, safe, reliable, promote patient comfort and satisfaction, allowing the team to work productively and efficiently. Regular servicing program for our equipment will ensure that we operate at optimum capacity 


Our sterilization of equipment and procedures, ensure that our instruments and equipment are thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and maintained exceeding regulator standards so as to ensure the safety of our valued patients and staff.